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Dear Suite Success & Tony,

My Hubby & I would like to express our greatest appreciation towards the efforts you have given to us on our very BIG Day, 22 February 2008.

I am a very 'kiasu' bride. I want to make sure everything is done ACCORDING to my standards. Although Tony keeps emphasizing and reassuring me that his services are of the highest quality. I almost made him 'mad' with some of my requests, I suppose, but he was still very tolerant with my demands.

We decided to invite him for the dinner after all his efforts in planning our wedding, and instead of sitting down and enjoying the dinner, he actually walked around the entire night and made sure all my programs and dinner went smoothly. Thanks again.

Dinner DID went very smoothly and in fact, a lot of our guests even asked where I got my Emcee, 'Live' Band, Balloon decorations, AD Photographer & Videographer, etc...

Thank you for your great service once again!

Keith & Michelle . Feb 2008

Suite Success